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How to Build Bluestone Countertops
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Bluestone is a natural sandstone made of quartz and silica that is very hard wearing. Long used in outdoor settings as pool trim, garden path and patio paving its natural properties, understated look and durability have made it into a good material choice for modern countertops. Bluestone is mined in slabs and in a naturally blue hue and therefore varies in tone within and among slabs from a dark midnight blue to a dark grey blue and pale grey blue. Cutting, finishing and installing bluestone countertops is not a casual DIYer project, but once patterned and cut a pair of DIYers could handle installation.

Instructions; Determine Pattern, Cuts & Seams

1 Follow the cabinetry lines and placement to make a measured pattern or schematic for your counter top, taking appliance and sink placement into account, to determine slab size needs and natural opportunities for inconspicuous seaming when necessary.

2.Cut each slab with the diamond blade saw to fit the counter top contour and to minimize seaming. Cut pieces of stone for the backsplash if building one out of the bluestone.

3.Dry fit all the countertop slabs in place so as to perfect placement, cuts and seaming. Check for level and plumb and snug fit against the wall and an even outfacing front edge.

4.Mark the dimensions of openings to be cut for the sink, faucet or counter mounted cooktop with masking tape. Cut the necessary openings with the saw and set the counter slabs aside for final assembly.

5.Run a bead of adhesive for stone and wood in a snaking zigzag pattern over the plywood sub-countertop framing. Lay down the bluestone slab into place adjusting for plumb and level on each piece of countertop as it is laid. Run a bead of clear silicone caulking on the inside seam edge and slide the next countertop slab snug up against the last. Remove any silicone that oozes from the seam with a finger or clean damp cloth. Use silicone to attach the backsplash, if applicable.

6.Bluestone countertop finishes are varied and provide the buyer with a bevy of choices to suit the decor and mood of a room. They can be honed for a soft matte look, polished for a shiny finish, hammered or sandblasted for a worn-in understated look among many other finishes. Finishes are often applied before installation but can also be applied in situs after installation.

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