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How to Buy a Granite Countertop
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Granite is ideal for countertops due to its durability and beauty. Adding granite to bathrooms, kitchens and bars will add value and elegance to your home. There are many factors to consider with granite such as color, finish, edges and thickness, all of which you must understand before installation. Follow these steps to buy granite countertops.


    Shop for the best value. Most granite installation companies offer free in-home estimates, so schedule several to compare prices. The goal is to get the highest quality stone for the lowest price. Ask for granite samples, pictures of completed work and customer references.


    Pick a color compatible with the décor of your home. Granite is a natural stone, so color variation is common. Your granite countertop will not necessarily look like a showroom sample.


    Understand that granite has imperfections that affect structural integrity. The stone has natural pits and hairline cracks that add to its natural beauty. If you are concerned about the color and imperfections in your granite, choose the slab yourself.


    Decide on a sink style. Whether you choose a drop-in or undermount sink, the granite fabricator will charge extra to make required cuts in your stone. Undermount sinks require more granite work, resulting in additional cost. You must provide your fabricator will sink templates, so purchase you sink before work begins.


    Choose a thickness. Granite countertops are typically referred to as 2 or 3 cm., or ¾ to 1 inches respectively. 3-cm. granite countertops are more expensive to buy, but are stronger and more attractive since 2-cm. countertops usually require plywood supports and laminate edges.


    Determine what type of edges you want. If you don't like any of the standard choices such as half-bullnose and bevel, ask your fabricator to custom design an edge. You may want an edge to match cabinet detail or another architectural feature of your home.


    Ask the fabricator if he can install seamless countertops. Seams in granite are visible; you may want to pay extra for seamless fabrication. Some granite workers place seams near sinks to minimize their appearance, but this gradually may damage the grout due to water exposure.

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