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The natural landscape g654
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The secret of success is to use natural g654 material makes. From large-scale commercial projects to small family housing, if the application of landscape, called hard decorate natural g654 is a very good hard scene. When you look closely at public place of pavement materials, or those used for laying the small oasis build backyard paving slabs, natural g654 material to large design spectacular lasting hard scene plays an Artificial White Granite.

There are many characteristics of natural g654 and widely application. As in the United States, Ohio in Van owner of g654 company Ness is Van Ness is said: "the natural g654's character is incomparable."

First, can choose the natural g654 material, literally lists several variety: limeg654, sandg654 and granite, etc. And the selection of g654, such as many shapes, thin, pebbles, slabs of g654, g654, bleaching, etc ShengJu not after coin. Color? Colorful and colorful. Can say so g654 useless everywhere, and no g654 is
Granite Tianshan Blue

Public places and large-scale commercial projects

For centuries, people have been interested in g654 reason is due to the natural g654 has beauty, color sturdy characteristics, large-scale businesses and public hard landscape project also proved this point. Maybe people will think of synthetic material also can be used in outdoor the massive project. Actually, the feasibility of natural g654 has great, but is very economical choice.

Jim Schmidlein is Massachusetts Portsmouth's construction slabs of g654 company and project manager. In recent years, he saw many natural g654 material is applied in the Boston area, and the commercial buildings that these materials is also suitable for the local climate.

"The most suitable for the climate of granite is granite can sweep abrasion and
New Giallo Veneziano
cycles," he said, "the limeg654, blue g654s and scattered g654 use frequency is high. What we do some projects with scattered g654 base with wall or do ShiYi growth, make its appear more unique."

Indeed, the natural g654 durability endowed with the public and large commercial projects more extensive use. Most natural g654 withstand large pedestrian traffic and all kinds of weather. In addition, most natural g654, and this easy maintenance in any application needs to consider, especially on main street.

Cincinnati university

Cincinnati university in 1989 by starting "planning" is changing urban campus landscape of a hard - originally rough concrete and haphazard-like pickup of parking change into habitable recreational space. And the design of this school is related to the "space" project, including the road face-lifting into the pleasant for pedestrians green landscape.

Landscape architects and project managers located in Minnesota Len Thomas adopted the granite, are Cold stands for companies with the perfect through the hard material to shape the landscape engineering. Often called "uniersity of Cincinnati amorous feelings" cold spring light jade pulp granite and most of the ancient buildings on campus of color photograph reflect.

"We talk about the topic with architect granite is about how to choose g654," Ken Hogan said. Ken Hogan was Cold stands for the road area are granite company sales representative. In this project, he and the regional sales representative Jodi Moore cooperation. Ken Hogan added: "talking about sustainability, not easy to change the appearance of granite, in color, the color also maintain" cove.

Granite is one of the hardest g654, and application in many fields. "We used to light jade pulp
granite area, the foot pedal, cascade to edge, who sat next door and fountain, Hogan", "said the transition from the topography, these people sat low and stair step design very well."

In the long run, in these wear and traffic, cold spring large area USES light jade pulp granite set properly. It originated in granite easy cleanness, and will not be destroyed.

"The main road, the ends of the project using 110 trucks in the Cold jade Spring light volume," Cold stands for medullary granite are granite, the project manager said Brent Peterson. Each truck for 24 tons of trucks, cars, added up to 110 2,640 tons of granite. The use of such large projects of granite is based on consideration sustainability of granite, solid durability and natural beauty.

Los Angeles renovation is natural g654 material in application of landscape of another example. In such large-scale projects, architects and designers are also adopted Cold stands for the granite. This project selection of materials are red, amber, fluorescent predecessor black gold and etc. They respectively from Texas, Minnesota and California mines.

Choose fluorescence red -- applied to parkway and ornament waterfront bench because nostalgic red is the history of the regional driveway, but also an important part of the red areas recently conducted repair. The San Pedro collection of stories of amber were gush arenaceous gold marble. Add black slabs and predecessor, the black and from local other color marble form bright contrast.

A landscape materials to consider the two main factors is the material life and sustainability, these two factors make choice of granite become inevitable. So, not only from the port to repair the area, and beautify according to predict the pedestrian traffic congestion on the design. Choose harder and slippery granite can achieve purposes of road.

"This project of granite applied in one important reason is the granite can continue to use," hundreds of cold spring granite sales director, "said the granite can achieve lasting effect."

Housing project

Harry s. Triebe Sr is New York Sonny and Sons g654 the owners of the company, he have to "natural g654 material, hard as a landscape of natural g654 versatility, durable and sustainability is beyond doubt, because these characteristics of economy determines the g654," he said. For residential project in large or small project, whether natural g654, like abundant materials for people to choose, self-service.

The company mainly produces Triebe blue g654s, "the natural g654 potential in people consciousness is only limited". Natural g654 material in residential applications include pavements, patio, steps and entrance, and g654 walls, etc.

"Attract me into g654 business is g654 colourful colour and pattern of granite, and knowledge of help to create a perfect outdoor living space," New York Adirondack natural g654 President and Hagadorn Andre owner said. Adirondack natural g654 material main four different granite, these four granite from local mining, such as: blue, captains and Adirondack mountain lake pond and George. "Because of granite is natural material, it has unique properties Hagadorn," said. "They come from mining, from different veins, has a different color. This makes the colorful color, with the rock in the machining process, the color depth, the original elegance."

In addition to being a solid ground material of natural g654, there are many clever. The company is located in Dallas Chesshir g654 of the owner and operator selects pebbles Chesshir Glen said can achieve the effect that make the finishing point. "Pebble is very good adornment material, because they can be used to emphasize outstanding, water, river bed and carp pool," he said.

Construction slabs of g654 company with Schmidlein found round, smooth river g654 has become popular materials.

Van Ness is in Ohio, "said the people is the use of recycled applied pebbles driveway and recreational place." He then pointed out that "the main advantages of natural g654 material is natural g654 looks little affectations, its natural properties that make it easy." in natural environment

The trend is hard outdoor space application integration in residential projects.

"We see many rooms, outdoor space outside investment is a plus housing outside room, where the family can spend more time outdoors, some contain indoor recreation facilities, such as an outdoor bars or cooking equipment, Delaware," said the director George Cannel mines. He added, creating a comfortable space, or the attractive scenery, natural g654 material for residential places in the hard to build a successful landscape project plays an important role.

When people are trying to sell their houses, or just to make home more elegant, natural g654 application to their homes by other than those patio or facing material houses more attractive.

Of course, the natural g654 material applied not only because of the g654 house. External The natural g654 material is a kind of sustainable material. "The application in landscape and the natural g654 material is durable. Just install to appropriate, g654 can maintain a quite long time."

Install the appropriate to consider the different climatic conditions to select a suitable g654. "In a suitable environment, the g654 for the correct application in place," Van Ness is said. "as we choose suitable for local climate materials like Ohio." Sand is suitable for use in here, because of the sand will also will drain water.

Schmidlein agree, he said "correct application of natural g654 material makes its eternal. When the g654 of the life cycle cost and g654 buildings, along with the original cost will be found when the original cost to local, because of the low cost of g654."

So, the natural g654 material is economic feasible choice. Not only for the YuHongWei, huge mansion, also suitable for small houses. The natural g654's request for budget. Based on the price per square foot or every tons of pricing. At the same time, because of g654 material take the total cost of the freight, choose a large part of the g654 in the local mine largely reduce the price. But that is the natural g654 material can withstand the test of time.

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