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Marble Flooring Designs for Entryways
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Marble flooring in an entryway is beautiful without embellishment of any sort. The material itself is intrinsically elegant, so square tiles laid in a simple design will make a stunning floor. Options exist, however, for customizing the entry floor with intricate designs executed in complementary hues of marble. These additions increase the visual impact of the floor and make it a primary feature of the overall decor.


Medallions continue to be popular choices for floors in an entry way. Standard sizes range from 24 to 96 inches, but custom sizes can be ordered. Marble colors and patterns are selected by the customer, and medallions are built to his or her specifications. Made-to-order designs such as monograms, insignias, or logos can be added to the center of the medallions, which arrive in preassembled sections ready to install. Medallions can be further enhanced by circular, square, or oval borders of complementary stone.

Mosaic medallions offer increased design options because they are composed entirely of tiny marble tiles that can be worked more easily into curves and delicate patterns than can large pieces of stone. These medallions come in one piece mounted on mesh backing, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They are ready to position in a prepared location, and require nothing more than proper grouting to be complete.

Stone Rugs

Inlaid marble rugs are either square or rectangular and come in sections ready to install. Once a design has been selected, the rug is manufactured to suit the scale of the entry in which it will be installed. Designs are geometric compositions of squares, rectangles, and triangles of marble artfully arranged within a complementary border, just as they would be in a wool rug. Customers choose the design and colors.

Mosaic tile rugs closely resemble wool or other textile rugs and offer more choice than traditional stone rugs, which are primarily geometric. They come in round, square, rectangular, oval, and octagonal shapes as well as in runners for narrow halls. There are dozens of elaborate designs and color combinations to choose from. Each rug comes in one piece affixed to mesh for easy installation.


Border tiles create a decorative framework around the perimeter of an entryway. Once a border design is chosen, tiles can be fabricated in custom colors and proper scale for the area where they will be installed. Mosaic borders are also available. These come in various styles, colors, and widths, but all come glued to mesh backing. Border tiles and mosaic borders are useful in small entry areas where medallions or rugs could be overpowering. They provide color and a stylish finishing touch to the entry without taking up floor space or adding clutter.

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